Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality this Fall

Fall is in the air, and now is an ideal time to think about indoor air quality. When you’re spending a lot of time inside this season, the purity of indoor air has a big impact on health. Here are ways to improve indoor air quality in your home.

Keep Fall Pollen at Bay

Most allergy sufferers in San Antonio know that fall can bring misery in the form of ragweed and other pollen sources this time of year. While there is little you can do about outdoor pollen levels, you can minimize it indoors by doing the following:

  • Leave your shoes at the door – When walking outdoors, you pick up pollen on your shoes. Removing your shoes at the door helps prevent tracking the pollen all over the house.
  • Use a high-quality air filter in your HVAC system – Inexpensive mesh air filters don’t filter out as many allergens as do pleated air filters. Ask your HVAC technician which air filter is right for your home.
  • Vacuum frequently – Vacuuming removes much of the pollen from carpet and upholstery fibers.
  • Mop floors – Mopping gets rid of pollen from tile, wood, laminate, and other hard surfaces.
  • Shower and wash your hair before bed – Pollen clings to the hair and body, so showering before bed can prevent pollen from transferring to bedding.
  • Use an electronic air cleaner – Choose from portable units or whole-house systems that are integrated with your HVAC system to remove indoor allergens.

Control Dust

Dust contains many allergens, including pet dander, dust mite droppings, and insect parts. Keep dust under control by keeping the home clean, keeping windows closed, and changing your air filters monthly.

Control Indoor Humidity

High humidity encourages mold and dust mites, which commonly trigger allergies. Reduce humidity by:

  • Investing in a whole-house or portable dehumidifier.
  • Using exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Fixing air leaks.
  • Ensuring proper attic ventilation.

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