Talk With Your HVAC Contractor About Duct Sealing–It Can Help Keep Your Cooling And Heating Costs Down

San Antonio residents can lose up to 20 percent of conditioned air in their ductwork before it ever reaches its destination. Duct sealing is a simple way to reduce this amount, to help you get the most out of your HVAC system.

Forced-air heating and cooling systems use your ductwork system to push air to the different areas of your house. If the connections joining these ducts are not airtight, air will escape into areas that do not need conditioned air, such as your basement or attic. This loss of air will prevent your home from reaching the desired temperature and might cause you to crank up your air to compensate. This leads to higher energy bills and more unnecessary wear and tear on your HVAC system.

An HVAC contractor can work on sealing your ducts by patching up any holes and tightening duct connections. They typically spread a putty-like material over the ducts, which then hardens and prevents air from escaping. Air can also be lost from the ducts through energy transfer: In the extremely hot months of summer, heat in your attic can transfer into the ducts and alter the temperature of the air being distributed. Installing insulation around these ducts can help prevent this transfer of heat.

Once these improvements have been made, you will notice a significant difference in the comfort of your house, and potentially in reduced energy bills as well. The temperature will be more consistent and any warm or cold patches you may have experienced will be gone. Because you’ll be using less energy, your bills will drop.

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