Indoor Air Pollution: Is It Threatening Your San Antonio Home?

Air pollution is a growing concern throughout the country. While most people are focused on the smog that’s hanging over our cities, few are giving a second thought to the indoor air pollution that’s present within their homes. The reality is that pollution within the home is an even greater concern.

Recently, 3M initiated a survey to determine the level of awareness regarding indoor air pollution. The results were surprising; while knowledge of smog and carbon monoxide were high, few people were actively taking steps to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other pollutants within the home.

This is a significant finding, as exposure within the home is considerably more damaging. And since Americans spend most of their days inside, this means that the exposure is of longer duration. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce indoor air pollution so you’re not breathing toxic air in your home.

The first thing you can do to reduce the number of pollutants within your home is to cease use of chemical cleaning agents. Bleach, ammonia and other chemical agents can exacerbate allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues. You should make sure that you aren’t using products such as scented candles and portable gas stoves that emit everything from VOCs to carbon monoxide into the air as they burn.

Next, it’s crucial that you change the air filter on your furnace and air conditioner regularly. These help capture pollutants and keep them from circulating throughout the home. In line with this step, it’s also wise to ensure that you keep your home clean to prevent the buildup of pollutants that may settle on furniture and within carpet fibers.

For more information about the steps you can take to reduce indoor air pollution within your home, contact Beyer Boys. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and provide more solutions that can help clear the air for you.

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