In Just The Right Places, Carbon Monoxide Detectors Keep You Safe

Carbon monoxide detectors are just as important to your safety as smoke detectors. Known as the “silent killer” because it is odorless and undetectable without specialized equipment, carbon monoxide gas can pose health risks ranging from headaches and nausea to respiratory diseases and even death. The importance of monitoring the levels of carbon monoxide gas in your home cannot be overemphasized.

While you should always read and follow manufacturer’s instructions for mounting the unit, there are some additional guidelines you should keep in mind.

First, do not place your carbon monoxide detector in a laundry room, bathroom or another area of your home that gets a lot of moisture in the air. High humidity levels can interfere with the unit’s working parts, rendering it inoperable, which could potentially lead to the system’s failure to detect a problem.

Next, be sure to mount your new carbon monoxide detector at least 15 feet away from your stove or furnace. These appliances give off higher-than-usual levels of carbon monoxide gas, most of which will be safely eliminated from your home with exhaust fans and proper ventilation practices. Putting a detector too close to your furnace or stove can lead to false alarms, as the unit may signal high levels of carbon monoxide when, in reality, the issue is temporary and nothing at all to be worried about.

Finally, keep a scientific property of carbon monoxide gas in mind when placing the unit. Many manufacturers advise you to mount them near the floor, but in reality, most carbon monoxide detectors are optimally effective when placed near the ceiling. This is because carbon monoxide is slightly lighter than the air we breathe, meaning that it tends to rise.

You can count on us at Beyer Boys to provide you and your family with a wide range of reliable carbon monoxide detection products. We’re happy to answer any and all questions you may have about their safe and proper operation to ensure the safety of your household.

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