How To Add A Whole House Dehumidifier To A Forced Air System?

Excessive moisture level in the room air causes wet stains on your walls and ceiling; the furniture start rotting; condensation is seen at the windows; peeling wallpaper; blistering paint; growth of mold and fungus. You also a get musty smell and feel stuffy round-the-clock. Installing whole-house dehumidifier to your forced air system can largely mitigate these symptoms. Here is how a whole-house dehumidifier is installed-

• In the attic, a metal tray is suspended with help of hanging steel rods. The steel rods are attached with collar ties of the attic.

• The dehumidifier is set on the can.

• Now in the ceiling of the hallway a square hole is cut to install a new return-air grille.

• A flexible return duct is now joined to the respective port of the dehumidifier.

• The duct is now secured to roof framing with plastic straps.

• It is now aligned and attached with grill installed in the hallway of the ceiling.

• A receptacle for supply duct is cut into air-conditioning duct system. A supply duct is connected at one end with dehumidifier and the other end at the receptacle in existing air conditioning duct system.

• A condensate pipe is run from the dehumidifier to the outdoors. It is made of PVC.

• The dehumidifier's filter is installed. The humidistat is mounted on the wall and connected with dehumidifying with cables.





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