How A UV Light System Can Help You Keep Mold At Bay

In climates like southern Texas where humidity levels can be very high, mold is often a problem, since fungi thrive in moist areas or at high humidity. It’s hard to control, even with regular use of an air conditioning system.

Mold, which is a term used to describe fungal growth, can potentially be harmful to humans, though there are many fungi that do not affect humans and only a few that can cause allergic reactions. Fungal growth itself is usually not detrimental, but some of the molds can adversely affect human health because they release toxins, which are called mycotoxins. The most common problem are respiratory complications.

Ultraviolet (UV) light can help. It cannot be seen by the human eye because its wavelengths are too short. But it can destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi. Air cleaners that include UV lights can lower the occurrence of the airborne spores that are produced by mold in your home.

A UV light system does not work like a filter, which simply intercepts air pollutants. UV lights destroy living organisms when they pass through it. A UV light-only system cannot minimize the occurrence of other particles such as dust, but many systems include this function as well.

The key to effective UV light is dosage and delivery at the right place. In conjunction with disinfection and moisture control, UV light air purifiers can help lower the occurrence of mold, and prevent or minimize its adverse health effects.

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