Houseplants That Can Give You Clean Air

Most people are aware that outdoor pollution is a problem. Did you know your indoor air quality can be an issue, too?

In a quest for more energy efficiency, houses are being built more airtight. This is mostly a good development, but it does mean that allergens and pollutants from the outside get trapped in your house. In addition, you’ve got off-gassing from your home’s building materials, furniture, and many other objects.

Common Pollutants

Some of the more common gases found in homes include:

  • Formaldehyde — Found in building materials, varnishes, glues, paints, paper, cigarette smoke, gas or kerosene stoves, and a wide variety of other sources. It irritates your skin, eyes, and respiratory system, and it has been linked to some types of cancer.
  • Benzene — Found in petroleum products, including gasoline emissions that can come into your house from the outdoors or your garage. It is also known to cause cancer.
  • Ammonia — Found in cleaners, dyes, and textiles. It causes irritation of the eyes, skin, and respiratory system.

While you can’t completely remove these gases from your home, it’s still good to reduce your exposure as much as possible. Luckily, there is a simple way to do that: use houseplants.

Air-Cleaning Houseplants

Some houseplants are filtering powerhouses when it comes to removing different gases and pollutants from the air. As a bonus, they’re attractive and have a mood-boosting effect on people in the home.

Which houseplants should you choose?

  • The Spider Plant — This is exceptionally good at filtering formaldehyde. This easy-to-grow houseplant gets its name from the clumps of leaves that form spider-like shapes. It likes indirect sunlight and doesn’t need much attention other than periodic watering.
  • The Mother-In-Law’s Tongue plant — Also known as a Snake plant, this is efficient at filtering benzene and pollutants. It likes lots of sunlight and doesn’t need much water, perfect for people who tend to forget their plants from time to time.
  • Peace Lilies — These plants are good for filtering ammonia. They don’t need much sun, but do need to be watered regularly.
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