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Blog Title: What are the ways to maintain your evaporator coil?
What are the ways to maintain your evaporator coil?
Category: Furnace Filters And Ac Parts Post By: TERRY L (Long Beach, CA), 12/21/2016

A well-maintained evaporator coil is essential for the proper functioning of a home air conditioner. There are two major aspects of maintaining the evaporator coil. The first thing is to keep the coolant free from dirt and debris and the second aspect is to keep the evaporator drain clean. Both these things are best done if taken up by an HVAC professional but in case of emergency you can take it up by yourself as well. For example, when you need to clean the coil you can do it with a gentle brush. This is necessary because the coils are fragile and might break if not handled with care. At the same time you can check the evaporator drain for blockage. In case you find any kind of blockage you will have to call in an HVAC technician to take care of the situation. It is important that maintenance of the evaporator coil is carried out at least three times in a year.

- CURTIS K (Mesa, AZ), 12/22/2016
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