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Blog Title: What are the common problems faced by a boiler?
What are the common problems faced by a boiler?
Category: Central Heating And Cooling Post By: RUTH K (Tulsa, OK), 12/22/2016

Breaking down of the boiler during the winter months is common in most of the households. In such scenarios sometimes the problem can be solved by the homeowners themselves while at other times it is important to get in touch with qualified professionals. However, some of the common problems faced by a boiler include the following: • No heat or hot water is the commonest of all the problems that is faced by a boiler. The reasons could be various like a broken diaphragms and airlocks, failing of motorized valves, problems with the thermostat or low levels of water. • The pilot going out could be another common problem faced by a boiler. • Leaking and dripping from the gas boiler is among the common issues that are faced by a boiler. • During the cold weather you can expect the condensate pipe to freeze and cause a blockage. • Losing pressure is also another problem faced by boilers. When the boiler pressure drops too low the central heating system will not be able to function properly. Besides these there are other problems as well faced by a boiler.

- KIMBERLEY T (Miami, FL), 12/23/2016
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