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Thermostat: The AC needs to monitor or sense the outside temperature to cool your room aptly. Therefore it has a thermostat. The thermostat can sample room air and direct the machine to generate appropriate coolness to make it comfortable. Previously there were manual thermostats that had to be set at desired temperature to direct the machine to reach it. Today you have programmable thermostats that can sense the outside temperature and instruct the machine to produce coolness accordingly. When it feels that the temperature of the room has reached the desired level, the device will cycle off. Again when the thermostat senses that the temperature has risen above the desired level it will cycle on for cooling. They can be programmed to get on and off at various phases of day and week.

Air Filters: The main job of an air filter is to purify the air from aerial contaminants like dust mites, pollens, allergens and microbial beings like mold mildews etc.

Dehumidifiers: In the summers, the heat is accompanied by humidity. Humidity is the main cause of moisture in the air. Such moisture can lead to health problems, such as allergic reactions, breathing troubles etc. Moisture and dust invite the growth of molds and other microbial beings. These microscopic bacteria can make your living space their home unless there is something to drain the moisture from your house. Consequently, the AC does some dehumidification, although it is not its primary function. The dehumidifier in the AC pulls the air into the system, cools/ heats it, and ousts the moisture into a bucket or a drainage system.

Evaporator: It is a very important component of an air conditioner. It receives the refrigerant that is in cool liquid form. The hot air that is sucked from the room through return ducts is passed over the evaporator. The refrigerant, flowing inside the coil, absorbs the heart and makes the air cool. This air is resent to the rooms. The heated refrigerant changes into vapour by absorbing heat.

Compressor: This can be described as a large electric pump that pressurizes the vaporized refrigerant that is about to move into the condensing coil.

Condenser: A condenser can be compared with a car radiator. The condenser’s job is to release heat. Here, it helps the refrigerant to release the heat which it absorbed while flowing through the evaporator. The refrigerant enters the condenser as a high-pressure vapor. But when it leaves the condenser, it has been turned into a cooler high-pressure liquid.

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